Monday, March 17th, 2008

Ever So Slowly

bobs-shoes.JPGWorking on my paper that is. I really think that I *know* enough to just write it without belaboring the research phase any more but I always hesitate at this point. Hopefully I can pull something together tomorrow. I’ll read the rest of my articles tonight, call it quits on the research and start writing tomorrow. The picture is called Bob’s Shoes. Who’s Bob? Why that’s me. Bob, also sometimes called Bop, Boppa or sometimes just plain old Dad.

We went took a little trip to the store today to buy some fruit. Nothing special but they had some guy dressed up as a leprechaun. Poor guy, must have drawn the short stick. Chase was like, mommy, what’s wrong with that weird green man? She wouldn’t say hi to him but kept leaning around me to see where he was going. She probably would have liked him more if he was handing out fruit leather. I was looking at the Sigg bottles and thinking about getting her one for her water and ditching all the sippy cups. I have to think about it until our next trip. She really wants to drink from a cup without any lid, really really wants to. It’s the only way I can get her to drink any milk. So I don’t know if she’ll be interested in the bottle or not. I don’t know, maybe it’s worth a look at Klean Kanteen too.

We had burritos tonight. People who know me know that burrito is code word for leftover sandwich but sounds less disgusting. We stuffed em with the leftovers from last night’s flank steak which was pretty good. I had a giant tub of fresh salsa that I barely made a dent in and had to use. The thing about fresh salsa is that while tasty it has no shelf life. Lesson learned: if you’re the only person who’s gonna eat it don’t buy it in industrial quantities. Some time yesterday I sat down to poke around the internet. There had to be recipes calling for salsa right? I found something called salsa rice. It was pretty straightforward. Two cups of salsa, two cups of water and a cup of rice. Cook as usual stirring occasionally. It wasn’t a bad side and tasted that much better knowing that I wouldn’t be dumping that two cups of salsa into th garbage. I stirred in a can of black beans and some frozen corn right before serving. It made a serviceable burrito stuffing in round two as well. Will I make it again? Only if I’m stupid enough to buy that much salsa again in the future which, sadly, is always a possibility.

We’re stripping off layers here.  I can’t get enough of looking at these little cankles.


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