Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Playgroup 3/19/08

Spring break is something that I can really get behind. You really only need a few days to fall completely into a routine of doing a whole lot of not much. I’ve been stalking Craig’s List for outdoor play equipment and finally scored a couple of things today. A little slide and a little playhouse type thing that promise at least a few minutes of distraction for Chase. She loves to be outside all of a sudden. It seems that these days the only activity that she’s really interested in is walking. Walking and running and climbing and jumping. Every trip to the kitchen involves poking at the door and saying that that that. We’re still working hard to get the yard in shape. We’re hoping to spend a lot more time out there this summer than we did last year. Grass helps.

Since we were already out we ran some errands. What I want to know is how come I can’t get Chase to eat anything but raisins but if an old lady in a hairnet hands her some tortellini in a paper cup she scarfs it down without a second thought? Basically her lunch consisted of tortellini, a sausage patty, a chicken nugget, and a madeleine. She was tremendously happy. I splurged and bought the new Martha Stewart cookie book. She’s been plugging it on her show deeming this week ‘cookie week.’ Cookie week indeed, her tactics work. The book is glossy and makes you want to try all the recipes. I ran right downstairs to dig some butter out of the deep freezer. I have the King Arthur Whole Grain Baking Book too and some spelt flour but now that has to wait.

Tonight’s Top Chef offers a prime example of why I could never audition for the show. The challenge is to cook a meal from a limited number of ingredients from the farmer’s market. The contestants have 30 minutes to shop. The Australian guy starts freaking out about time getting all antsy in line. When he finally gets to the front of the line he tells the vendor, who may or may not be a little slow, that he needs some mizuna and please hurry (which he repeats many times). He pays, asks for a receipt and runs off. The possibly slow vendor looks at a coworker and says… he left his bag… I almost died, that is sadly so me. The best part? Before leaving the market he realizes that something is amiss, the greens are missing but has absolutely NO idea where it might be. So sad.

To cap off our busy day we took a neighbor up on an invitation to a playgroup. Chase had a great time and I got some pretty good candids of the kiddies and their moms. The cherry on top is that Chase happily ate all her dinner and collapsed exhausted at bedtime with no complaints. Life without school is so much less stressful and so much more wonderful. Progress on the paper has unfortunately stalled.

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