Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Just Use a Gun Next Time

So I have a few minutes to do a real post but am still not really feeling it.  I am so over school these days.  It’s causing me to feel pretty agitated on a fairly regular basis.  Today in my last class the girl beside me was chewing gum.  I hate chewing gum on principle but she wasn’t just chewing it, she was snap, popping, cracking it.  I almost lost it.  It’s just not right blowing and popping gum bubbles in class, it’s just not right.  So when I was leaving class I looked over my shoulder, didn’t see the girl, and mentioned to the woman who sits on the other side of her that I can’t stand the gum chewing.  She responded with something I didn’t hear and then when I looked up the girl was right there.  She very well may have heard what I said.  I’m not worried so much about whether I hurt her feelings as that now she’ll retaliate with more gum chewing.  I couldn’t handle that.

Yesterday I ordered my cap and gown which I’m very happy about.  It’s a good thing too because as I’m now on page 11 of my 18 page goal it looks like I might actually graduate.  I’ve so very pleased.  I signed up for BarBri today because I’m determined to pass the bar on the first try.  It was the most painful chunk of change that I’ve dropped in a long time.  Even though it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what I’ve shelled out for law school that money didn’t actually come out of pocket.  Then somebody tried to sell me a PMBR course.  Lots of people take both.  She tried to convince me that the cost of PMBR is just a drop in the bucket compared to BarBri which is not untrue but when the drops are measured in thousands and coming out of your bank account the argument doesn’t hold much water.  If we were still talking loans here, that might be a different story.  Everyone knows that’s just funnymoney.

Last week, we met with an broker about life insurance.  He asked me about my student loan debt.  I couldn’t answer him.  We did a comprehensive review two years ago when we were doing mortgage applications but it’s increased by tens of thousands of dollars at this point which doesn’t even account for the interest on the unsubsidized loans.  Isn’t that awesome?  So next time you’re thinking about going back to school, I want you to think about this.  Think about how much it sucked and make sure that you have a nice job/bonus/raise lined up to make it all worthwhile.

Now that Chase is confident about walking she’s trying all kinds of new things.  Dancing, running, stomping her feet.  It’s pretty funny to watch her get familiar with her body.  We bought her a few new pairs of shoes over the weekend because the one pair of sneakers just didn’t seem like enough when she’s wearing dresses all the time and she was getting them so dirty in the yard.  Luckily she was sleeping when we got to the store so there was no shoose madness and we all got out of there unscathed.  Somehow I was the only person who came away from that shopping expedition with nothing.  Something has to be done about this recent trend.  I’m going to start looking like those moms they get on What Not to Wear who haven’t had anything new in 5 years.

I’m starting to count down the days to the end of the semester.  It doesn’t really matter since BarBri lasts 11 weeks and is like a semester of it’s own with a giant final at the end but I figure it can’t be as bad as actual classes because the instructors aren’t administering the exams.  Plus, if I go to the taped sessions no one will give a rat’s ass if I fall asleep which is what I would always like to be doing.

I’m gonna go do a little work on my project (no, not my paper) and hopefully will have something happier to say tomorrow.

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