Friday, March 28th, 2008

Woo Hoo Spring

creamsicles.jpgCherry blossoms just sneaked right up on us, didn’t they? I should have known it was coming when we stopped having to wear jackets over the last couple of weeks. I love this weather, even when it’s raining. The flowering trees are blooming and look great and I fully anticipate that my eyes will start itching within 24 to 48 hours. Last week I ordered some popsicle molds from Amazon. We made some popsicles this morning from some Stoneyfield yo baby yogurt drinks we had. The yo baby line tastes so good and is organic but is completely laden with sugar. I thought using them this way was a good way to turn them into a treat instead of just part of Chase’s diet. As an aside, I prefer to make her yogurt by combining plain yogurt with whole ripe fruit and pureeing it with the immersion blender. We poured the yogurt into the molds, put the lid on and added sticks. After sampling the first batch we learned that you shouldn’t ram the sticks down to the bottoms of the molds because you won’t have enough stick left to hold onto if you do. They tasted great, just like a creamsicle of sorts. I think this will be a great tool for summertime treats.

Speaking of summertime treats, I’m looking forward to the farmers’ market tomorrow. I think it may have been long enough now that they will have something more than last season’s apples. Maybe some fresh peas, that would be great. My plan is to hit the ground running and head out for the market before 10. Any later than that and anything good will be gone.

Chase has diaper rash for the first time ever. I’ve applied diaper rash ointment before but that… was not diaper rash. Now I know what diaper rash looks like, no doubt about it. Chelsea once told me, Pampers cruisers are the best and I doubted her. I tried other brands before settling on them but eventually deferred to her expertise. So then why, why 14 months later did I decide to go it alone again? I fully blame my decision to re-try huggies out of sheer unwillingness to make yet another trip to BRU as the culprit and I am NOT happy. I will be exercising my right to a full refund and satisfaction guarantee on this one. I have 150 useless diapers. Not awesome.

We have guests staying overnight this weekend so I defrosted a pork shoulder for pulled pork. Tomorrow, I have to figure out rolls. Dang, it’s a good thing I wrote about this or I wouldn’t have remembered to get ‘fixins.’ I have to figure that out too.

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