Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

A Good Weekend


Our guests came and went and I am woefully behind in my work but it’s been a long time since I’ve just sat around on a Saturday night watching movies. On Sunday we went to Fort McHenry. It was c-c-cold but Chase loved it. You have to pay admission to go inside the buildings but the grounds are free. At less than 15 minutes away we will be taking advantage of the grounds this summer to be sure. They have ducks there that are so used to being fed that they come right up to you. Assuming that you give them something so that they don’t attack you it was pretty cool to get so up close and personal with them and to hear them going quack quack quack. The fort sits on a vast green space that provides lots of space for running around.

Tax time is upon us again.  As always we are unprepared.  Last year we ended up filing with Turbo Tax but I vowed never to do it again.  So today, April 1, only two short weeks before the filing deadline I got a referral for a reputable CPA and stuffed an envelope full of bits of paper to mail off to him tomorrow.  Talk about a sense of relief.  He reassured me that he could get it done in time and didn’t even make me feel bad for waiting until the last minute.  Why does it feel like tax time comes around every 6 months instead of once a year?

Wow, I’m so glad to finally get to post again.  Things get busy, you miss a couple of days and all of a sudden it’s out of the routine altogether.  The weather today was beautiful.  Almost beautiful enough to make me want to play hooky.  I was this close, but the truth was either go to class or work on my paper, so I went to class.  It’s probably a good thing too since I’m not likely to study for finals.  I took Chase to the park to play with a friend.  On the walk over Chase rode in the back of her double stroller.  She loved every minute of it.  She gets along so well with this little girl and they genuinely seem to like spending time with each other.  They both had a really nice time at the park.  Well, with the exception of the unfortunate hill incident.  Chase had a quick but thorough lesson in gravity today.  It’s ok she came out unscathed just a little shaken up.

There hasn’t been much cooking around here.  I made franks and beans for Chase’s lunch one day but she wouldn’t eat it.  In the next few days I made her a hot dog, which she ate.  Then one night we had burritos, she didn’t want filling just bites of whole burrito.  On another night I made her her own burrito but she didn’t want it.  She only wanted the beans in the filling.  So today I made her not franks and beans, which apparently offends her palate, but a hot dog and beans which she gobbled up.  The very same hotdog with cuban style black beans.  I know the two bean preparations are very different but honestly, she wouldn’t even taste the franks and beans.  It makes no sense!

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