Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

A Piece of History

I ate it and it tasted great. UB hosted a reception tonight for a professor with a recently published book. To celebrate they ordered a huge likeness of the book fashioned from chocolate cake and fondant from, you guessed it, Charm City Cakes of Ace of Cakes fame. News spread throughout the building like wildfire. Sure, I and others talk a lot of smack about how it’s not as cool as everyone makes it out to be and I was in class but you know I had to check it out. I sneaked down there to check it out, the cake was cordoned off being doled out by two nondescript women. They could have been law students or shop lackeys it was impossible to tell. I got my piece and a can of coke and scurried off to put it to the test. Much to my surprise it wasn’t tainted by rice krispie treat or pieces of wooden dowel. It was simple, tasty and moist chocolate cake and I didn’t have enough of it. I was suspicious of the frosting however which looked exactly and I mean exactly like the cover of the book.

I wonder how they did it. Whether they airbrushed it on or printed it I don’t know but there was evidently a layer of frosting cloaked in a layer of fondant. The icing was good the fondant was bad but I guess that’s not news to anyone. If I was truly hardcore I would have taken a picture to show you but it’s not like I was at the mall or something, I know these people so I refrained. Plus, it looked JUST like the picture, seriously, it even had a little bookmark in it. Now I’m curious if there’s an episode about the making of the cake. I can watch and call people while it’s on to say, are you watching? I ate that! I also observed quite a substantial amount of seersucker. The emergence of seersucker is about as reliable an indicator that spring is indeed upon us as the blooming of the daffodils.

We were sort of hanging out this morning when Chase got really quiet. I observed that she was quite engrossed in something. If I ever want to see what she’s up to in moments like these I have to casually observe without calling attention to myself so that’s what I did. I kind of looked out of the corner of my eye and saw that she had found a hair clip on the floor and was systematically “fixing” her car by going around and sticking the hairclips into the screw holes. Around and around she went, crouching kneeling and looking while she worked. Chase, I asked, are you fixing your car with your tools? She gave her customary response of a head nod accompanied with a couple of grunts that I generally take to mean yes.


It was pretty cute of course she pretty much answers yes to any question. It’s important to keep that in mind when you’re trying to figure out what she’s asking for. When that car was all done she moved on to the next job. Chase’s garage enjoys a brisk business.


Top Chef tonight, hopefully it’s better than last week. Last week was pitiful.  I tried something at Panera today.  I can’t stop thinking about it it was so good.  I wasn’t even hungry when I bought it.  I thought I’d just eat a part of it and take the rest home.  As soon as I took a bite I forgot that I wasn’t hungry.  I had to fight Chase for the last bite and she was totally threatening me with her spork.  I think they called it a cobblestone or a cobble.  It was something like bits of cinnamon bun type bread all, I suppose, cobbled together with sticky goodness and then topped with some kind of glaze.  It was so soft and delicious I’m craving it again just thinking about it.  The thing probably had about 2000 calories in it but dang it tasted good.

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