Friday, April 4th, 2008

Poop Adventure

wonderment.jpgSo I was posting about dinner when I stumbled across something unknown to me up to this point. I’ve been snacking on that delicious cheese for years completely ignorant to its history. I was going to say provenance (cause I watch a lot of antiques roadshow you know) but I can see the road this post is going down and think history is a better pick. There’s some connection between this cheese and a french gastronome by the same name. I’ll bite, what’s the deal with your delicious cheese mister? So then I see he wrote all of these books. They will be next on my reading list. How will I get my hands on them? The library has them in translation AND in their original French. How nice for me.

So I had my first poop adventure today with Chase. I let her run around diaperless for a few while I got things read for her bath. That’s when she paused… and dropped a turd! A turd! That’s the first time anything like this has happened. So I picked her up and ran her down to the potty before she could expel any more… well, turds. So she finished up on the potty but I had to go back and clean up the carnage in her bedroom. So back down the hall we go. I reach for some wipes and she’s running for the mirror where she was dancing naked just a minute ago. What are the chances that she steps in the turd? Oh, pretty good. So I manage to get her to stop moving and to sit for a second so I can clean her up. I get her foot cleaned up and move onto the floor when she decides to help clean up too. She’s got socks in her hand so why not take a swipe at it? Thankfully it was pretty contained at that point but man talk about excitement.

We’ve been having some successes in the foodmaking-eating department. Chase has been able to help with more and more food prep as her balance and concentration improves. She started with dumping chopped veg into a bowl or pot and has graduated to helping to spread butter and mash avocados for guacamole (with help of course). She can stand on a chair and comfortable reach the counter. It’s held true so far that people are more likely to eat something they’ve had a hand in making. I can’t say whether that’s at play here at such a young age or not but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth right? This morning she ate a waffle for breakfast with some pureed strawberries that I’d cooked down very briefly. She really liked that and we turned the rest of the puree into a pair of popsicles for later. For lunch she happily ate the guacamole she helped to make with some pulled pork leftovers from dinner last night. She’s not a big meat eater so she must have really liked the guac to eat the pork without protest. There was a little fighting over whether she should just hold the limes all day or if we should use them for the guacamole though we were able to resolve it. For dinner she ate the pasta so all in all it was a good struggle free day.

Chase is adding some words to her repertoire including socks (shocking), down, and some other b words that are yet indistinguishable including, bus, I think. She loves the itsy bitsy spider song and can do the movements but won’t do it for anybody but me so I have no proof. I asked her this morning if we should go to the library today and she immediately launched into itsy bitsy, she’s so clever. I’m such a proud mama. She’s sweet as pie, of course I also saw her trying to open the diaper geenie (which is practically new and up for grabs if anyone wants it) as if it had a foot pedal like the kitchen garbage can… which she is NOT supposed to do. So smart.. so bad.

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