Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Scratchy Throat

That’s what I’ve got. I fought it off two weeks ago but it’s back. At least it’s kind of gray and dreary so nobody really thinks it’s weird that I’m wearing a scarf. A scarf is the first thing I want when my throat starts up. A scarf or a turtleneck but I don’t have any of those.

So I was in Babies R Us yesterday and I picked up a set of three t-shirts on clearance for six bucks. Not a bad deal. I also looked at shorts, picked them up and put them back because, as always, I convinced myself that I am prepared to make shorts for chase to wear this summer. Truth be told, supply-wise, I am well equipped but as for time. Well, I never have enough of that. So we’ll see how far I can get before I have to break down and shop. I know I already have two pairs of overall-shorts and one pair of irreparably damaged sweatpants that I can turn into shorts to wear with her big white sneakers, heee. She also has a handful of dresses which are presumably easier to wear in the summer without going through all the trouble of tights. Back in my bib making phase i bought a presser foot to apply bias tape so maybe I’ll start plain and add a little flair that way. In any event I figure that the daydreaming about what to do alone might just be satisfying enough a diversion from everything else going on.

I’ve been diligently crossing stuff off my list, life insurance, a 529 plan for Chase, I even took care of our taxes and found a CPA to prepare them. I sent out the packet last week and he called today with some questions one of which was it looks like you did a decent job preparing your taxes on your own last year so why did you come to me? At the time the only reason I could think of was just not wanting it on my plate anymore. That’s true but until he said that we had NO idea that we did a decent job and that’s the reason I went to him. I think I’ll mention that to him tomorrow, it’s too late now but maybe had I known I just would of hired him to do a review. Around this time of year I always find myself wondering when tax time started coming around every 6 months… because that’s absolutely what it feels like. I still have a couple of big projects coming up and of course exams but I’m trying to stay on top of it all. So far so good. Of course, any time you cross something off the list something else gets added and there’s always that list that’s been following you around, haunting your dreams for months with projects that should have been tackled a year ago. Hopefully I won’t really get sick. I’m more than happy to have a cold anytime after let’s say May 15.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a bunch of frames on clearance at JoAnns. The stairwell here is tall and narrow.. and plaster. It’s been painted but after 100 years is less than straight or smooth for that matter. That’s what the frames are for. They were a steal I got about 6 8×10’s and one big 16×20 or something along those lines. They stayed in my trunk for a while before they migrated into the house and are now stuffed inside the bench in the entryway waiting for me to make a decision on a picture for the 16×20. I was thinking of something kind of funky although a family portrait was tossed around too. I was thinking about this because it really does kind of capture her baby spirit.

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