Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Zoo Time!

We are so loving this weather. I like to get together with my friend Wendy on Tuesdays so Chase can play with her little girl. We met in a prenatal yoga class and our babies were born only one day apart. The girls interact so well together, it’s terribly cute that their personalities mesh well. This was our first visit to the zoo. I’ve never been to the Maryland zoo before and I thought it was pretty nice. The last zoo I visited was with my class to the Philadelphia zoo. That place is enough to put you off zoo’s forever. They should append “the saddest place on earth” to the sign out front. It’s been a while but that’s how it’s embedded in my memory. Anyway, the zoo was nice and is only a stone’s thrown from our house. I think it took us less than 10 minutes to get over there. It’s set right in Druid Hill park which is really nice. The paths meander through woodland and even though it’s kind of hilly there’s shade in lots of parts and the trees help to keep it cool. I’ll bet it’s scorching in the heat of summer all the same though.

We saw some great animals. Chase was taken by the gazelles and the penguins. It was so neat to watch the gazelles run and since the habitats are open and in the middle of the park they evidently share their habitat with local wildlife. There was a mother duck with at least 10 ducklings in a row behind her in there with them. More unbearable cuteness. The cuteness straw that broke the camel’s back were the baby chimps. I was hardly able to pull myself away from watching them. Because Wendy has a family membership and the boys didn’t accompany us Chase and I were able to visit for free. It was great and I think we’ll seriously consider a family membership for ourselves. It’s so close to our house that it would be nice to go anytime. They have a playground and there’s obviously plenty to do and see.

On the school front, the week is slipping away! I usually get all freaked out when the week goes this fast because I dont’ have enough time to get everything done but not this time. Thursday can’t come soon enough. So, I had class last night. I park in the lot, walk to the building and a woman crashes through the doors from the building and says hey, hi! Did you hear class is canceled? So I smile and say oh? Staring blankly, I add that now I have to think of some way to use my free hour. She walks away and I stand there for another minute the blank look still on my face.. because after three months in class, and mind you all my classes are seminar size, I have no idea who I was just talking to. That meant I had no idea which of my two classes was canceled. Class cancellation is class cancellation, always a happy thing I just had to laugh to myself about my lack of observation.

The good weather peppered with enough rain showers has been really good for our garden. We have radishes that are almost ready to pick and the salad greens look so nice. We’re going to have to harvest eventually so we can plant our summer crops. My tendency is to overextend in the gardening arena and then to lose control to the weeds so I’m a little hesitant but I would really like to add another bed. I’m going to make a big push to do some serious canning this fall. Sorry the pics are so jumbled, I don’t know hot to use this gallery to organize and order pictures.

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