Monday, April 28th, 2008

Play Free Bird!

Woo woo! I’m back from the concert. First of all, I have never been to the Academy of Music before, now that is a fantastic venue. It’s a really, really beautiful hall. The whole place is gilt but that wasn’t the best part. The best part was that we were like 6 or 8 rows from the stage. It was pretty fabulous even though she didn’t play secret heart. Not only was the ticket an excellent graduation present but it came with a feist sack! A canvas tote to add to my prized collection of.. canvas totes of which I have many… many. Before the show we had dinner with Danielle’s coworker and his girlfriend at Fado. I’m glad I’m typing this and not telling you outloud because I still don’t know how that’s pronounced. I had a crazy salty steak boxty. It was described at the table as an Irish burrito if that helps you to imagine what it was like. Of course that means that the “tortilla” was a thin potato pancake. It was good but way too salty. The bread pudding though was out of this world and I am VERY picky about bread pudding. Theirs had bits of apples in it and was super moist and not overly dense, very good. Overall it was a great meal, her friends were nice, funny and made good conversation to boot. Oh, I forgot to mention that Hayden opened. Who? Hayden, only Danielle’s most favroitest artist ever. She actually wanted to leave after his set was over. It was good craic!

She’ll be on the Colbert Report tonite! I drove home foolishly in the middle of the night so I’m on like no sleep and working my little fingers to the bone on some outstanding projects. I’ve been forgetting things here and there so I’ve taken some time to write stuff down.

This weekend was also the spring fair at Johns Hopkins. It’s a lot like fling, very much the same but different. Instead of a lot of moonbounce type stuff they have actual carnival rides. They had craft vendors and a big food area. Overall it seemed a lot more community oriented than fling ever did. I took Chase on her first ride which she really enjoyed. Then we checked out some capoeira (if there’s a drum circle anywere Chase is there) AND a breakdancing contest that was probably the highlight of the afternoon.

When we got home Ben and the dad that lives next door got the brilliant idea to put a gate between our yards so that the kids can play together. Admittedly this is a great idea and as you can see they had a good time together BUT when I said they put a gate in I mean they just cut out a section of fence. Sigh, their supposed to make it a gate at some point in the near future. I’ll believe it when I see it. Meanwhile I guess it’s worth it if the kids are enjoying themselves.

On the developmental front, Chase has a few new words. Out, dog, cookie and cracker are all words I here a lot of. While I was out yesterday Ben reports that there was more food thievery afoot. He told me that Chase walked into the kitchen and returned to the living room going directly to the corner whereupon she started nibbling something squirrel-like using two hands to hold it. Turns out it was a brownie boosted from the kitchen table. Where does she come up with these ideas??

We picked out first veg! We have radishes and salad aplenty. Those cukes are from the store of course. I usually have good luck growing cucumber though last year was sort of only a partial success. I heard that the lore in Maryland is that if you direct sow after June 15 your plants won’t be susceptible to powdery mildew. I guess the same goes for zukes and pumpkins et. al. I’m going to give it a shot. I’m going to place an order for our next batch of seeds sometime this week, maybe Sunday.

Lastly, check out the statue. I couldn’t help but take a picture. The man on the opposite side? He is, of course, modestly draped or I’m sure he would be similarly afflicted. Remember, you have to click twice to see the full size image.

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