Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Remember mini maestro?  Man, she really didn’t have much hair did she?  

Well, since Chase’s little table and chairs are still just a smidge to big for her to use comfortably she has resurrected this toy for use creating her masterpieces.  Many, many masterpieces.  We went out to dinner last week at Donna’s where they gave her two crayons to color with and ever since she’s been big into ‘creating.’  She likes her sidewalk chalk too.  They have big buckets of it in the dollar spot at target, a good deal.  

More tomorrow… or maybe Friday.  I’m in the throes of a take home exam but find the need to take numerous breaks.  That means I’ll be working hard tomorrow night to wrap this up.  Remember that paper that was plaguing me that I just recently mustered the nerve to finish?  Well it was well received and I got some exciting news about it so I’m waiting to see if anything pans out.  

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