Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

May Flowers

Man, that was one brutal exam. When I got home Ben said what took you so long? I almost never take the full 3 hours to complete an exam it’s only happened maybe one or two other times in the last four years. I feel totally spent and trying to do anything else today (and maybe even tomorrow) is totally pointless. I took the rest of the day to do some fun things. I couldn’t muster the energy to make lunch so we went to Five Guys which is conveniently located within a couple of blocks of Flower Mart.

We caught some live music AND a puppet show. If I had to describe what Chase thought of this no frills puppet show I would say that she thought it was magical. She clapped and pointed and was generally in awe of all of the animal puppets. It was worth the short detour for a fun and FREE, did I mention free, afternoon. Plus I scored a free ticket to the zoo. The ticket is up for grabs, it’s good for a child’s admission through the end of the year. Chase will still be under two by then so we won’t be able to use it. Just let me know if you want it and it’s yours.

Ben finished building the other raised bed this afternoon. I must say his use of materials otherwise destined for the dump was quite ingenious and the whole thing is quite artistic. All we have to do is fill it up with some dirt. Hopefully we’ll get to that tomorrow and then maybe I can get a picture or two.

I gave Chase two teeny tiny pigtails today. She asked for them. She picked up a tiny hair tie and tried fruitlessly to put it into her hair over and over again until finally I decided to intervene. She stood still for it so I figured what the heck. You know I’m biased but it was so stinkin’ cute.

My big idea for today was using a leftover disposable table cloth as drawing paper. I just covered the top of the picnic table and let her have at it. The table cloth is long enough that it can be refolded and reused on a different day. I had a big pack of vanity fair brand which appears to be coated with something on the back, a plain paper table cloth would obviously work too. I can’t speak to how they would hold up to having a stolen red pen jabbed into them though. I can say that vanity fair holds up quite well :)

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