Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Fake It Don’t Make It

I finished another project. You’d think that I love hand sewing and finishing if you saw me working on this thing today. I had to sew and re-sew and sew the snaps again before I had them right. I almost abandoned the whole thing after the first two failed attempts. These are from the same pattern I used to make the ladybug dress. The fabric is a lot busier in the final product than I had envisioned but it’s been in my stash so long that it’s practically vintage and I wanted to use it. Not to mention that Chase has a pair of blue shoes that I think will be cute.

I almost botched the pants irreparably. I can only imagine that I made a mistake in cutting but the pants had no ‘seat.’ I tried to save them by adding a waistband made from 2″ lace and removing a row from the double stitched crotch seam. I figure it’s better to get some wear out of them even if they fall apart rather than never getting to wear them at all.  The lace is from a grab bag of notions that I found at the thrift store.  I’m never lucky enough to find stuff like this.  It’s perfect because it has a flower motif that’s similar to the fabric.  I thought the frog would be cute but now I wish I had made a little felt daisy for the front.  Next time.  

During an incredibly short lived bib making phase I bought a presser foot that applies bias tape, it might have a special name but if it does, I don’t know it.  It came in a package with absolutely no instructions but it was pretty self explanatory.  It was so easy to use and gave a really nice finish.  I didn’t have any of my usual problems with catching all the layers.  My last trip to JoAnn’s I stocked up on bias tape for an easy finish on upcoming projects.  

Earlier we planted the new box. We were able to use some odds and ends that we had hanging around.  Ben added the posts from an old headboard. We’ll use them and some garden twine to trellis cukes and stake tomatoes later in the season. We bought some plants and some seeds and did some flowers. I tried to keep it simple, flowers I have had success growing in the past, sweet peas, cosmos and zinnias. In spite of my best efforts I, of course, bought duplicates of about 3 types of seeds but I did find an awesome zinnia called envy. It looks like this:


I hope we grow some of these because they’re green.  Green flowers!  Chase had fun planting beans, dropping in the seeds and playing in the dirt.  We planted jalapenos, tomatoes, beans, cukes and zukes.  I didn’t bother planting any bell peppers because frankly I just don’t care for them that much.  I do like having jalapenos around though and last year they did pretty well.  

We grilled chicken for dinner tonight.  We’ve been trying to grill as much as we can while the mosquitos aren’t insane and frankly, food cooked on the bbq just tastes really good.  I did a super quick marinade on some boneless chicken thighs and a quick lemony tabouleh and it was just right.  I’m having to start to rethink our meals now that it’s warming up.  I have to work all of the heavy winter meals out of the rotation.  I thought I was so clever last week.  I defrosted a large package of ground beef, seasoned it and used half for hamburger and made meatballs from the other half.  I figured that in a pinch the only difference is whether you’re serving with a bun or marinara sauce.  It worked, streamlined the whole process but nobody wanted to eat spaghetti and meatballs.  It was just too warm.  I took some books out for the library that hopefully will provide some inspiration.  


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