Monday, May 5th, 2008

Naan on the Barbie

I saw Steven Raichlen making these on his show over the weekend and was salivating over them.  They fit perfectly into our cooking out theme and paired with shish kabobs turned out to be something of a pantry friendly dinner.  I started thinking about this way before noon while, as usual, Erin and I tried to hold off on eating lunch until a respectable hour.  What better way to stifle hunger than to think about dinner?  You’d think in time you would learn not to go down that road but the lesson never seems to take.  We’re on about day three of chicken for dinner.  It may not have been three consecutive nights but we definitely have way too much chicken in the freezer and I’m not buying any more meat until some of that is under control.  

That being said, even though I started planning in the morning I forgot all about it until 4:30.  The bread needs at least an hour and a half of rising time so it was a race against the clock to get things together so we could eat as close to our regular time as possible.  You can find the recipe here.  I mixed the dough by hand and started the kneading in the kitchenaid but it made this giant tall ball after a few minutes and had the motor straining so I finished the kneading by hand.  The recipe says to punch down and to form 2″ balls to yield 15 but I was only able to get 11, I can only assume that I was rolling them too big.  

I froze 6 portions to be defrosted and rolled out for grilling later and prepped the other 5 for tonight.  As written I think the recipe has you butter the topside of the bread after putting it down on the grill but I’m pretty sure that he buttered the dough before slapping it down on the show.  That made the most sense to me so that’s what I did.  Ben didn’t have any problem with sticking it’s a really great recipe.  Nothing beats hot fresh bread with dinner.  I guess it really should have been lavash but hey, you take what you can get.  It was quite an international feast actually.  Bread from India, kabob from, where, Turkey I guess and a little condiment inspired by tzatziki or raita.  Nobody cared where it came from as they stuffed their pie holes full of naan.  I think Chase ate about two bites of chicken but ate an entire piece of bread on her own.  The chicken marinated in a little olive oil, dijon and the juice of two lemons with a couple of cloves of grated garlic, rosemary, parsley, salt and pepper.  A good supper and I’m down to one last package of chicken!  

Even though I know the sooner I finish the work I have to do the sooner my summer begins I still refuse to work on anything.  Like right now for example I should be working on my pretrial order but I’m writing this instead.  last night I cleaned up the office in spite of its having been a total disaster for the last several months.  It just had to be done last night.  I added two drawers under my desk and mounted shelves that have NEVER been up on any wall even though we bought them when we moved into our last place four YEARS ago.  Better late than never.   I guess I’ll go get cracking on that work.  Oh, so our stimulus check arrived and I guess I shouldn’t have talked about it out loud because I actually heard the water heater heave oh, thank god before it conked out.

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