Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Stolen Moments Should Be More Fun

I am finding it really hard to steal a few moments for posting.  I’m thinking that posts will be few and far between until the end of July.  Bar review officially started yesterday and, of course, last week our babysitter went home for the summer and I didn’t make any alternative arrangements.  I was thinking that I could work it out on my own.  I can work it out on my own but I’m thinking that’s going to be not so much fun.  I was hoping that I could just do the evening lectures instead of the morning but ugh, I don’t like being out all night.  Anyway, it’s getting me down a little so once this week is over I’m going to figure it out for the 6 weeks that still loom ahead.  

I wrote briefly about the ribs that we tried on Saturday.  They were good but didn’t seem worth all the time spent smoking and basting them.  I want to take back my initial reaction.  We had two racks, one we ate on Saturday and one that we shoved in the fridge and ate later.  I didn’t serve it in the first place because it looked a little charred and I thought, meh, I’ll pull the meat off the bone for sandwiches or enchiladas because the other ones looked so much tastier.  I was wrong, dead wrong.  They were so meltingly tender and delicious.  That rack in particular (which was smaller to begin with) totally blew us away.  Now I know what to look for.  What appeared to be overdone was in fact just right.  

This was supposed to be a quick post so I’ll wrap up with one last tale of woe.  I want share with you my self inflicted ant infestation.  We were outside picking strawberries when I got distracted.  I took the bowl and put it on the picnic table and forgot all about it.  Hours and hours later it started raining.  I run out in the dark and grab the bowl, sprint back inside and put it on the kitchen table and walk away.  I return an hour or so later to find the whole thing covered in ants, covered.  Ants are crawling out of the bowl and all over the table.  I’m pretty proud of myself and that I did not panic.  I’ll take a brief detour here to tell you about the time the cat unleashed a live bird in our bedroom.  The short of it is that it ended with me hysterical, head buried in the blankets and screaming that the bird was in my hair.  Nothing like that happened here.  I had the presence of mind to wipe them all out at once with a couple of shots of seventh generation multi surface cleaner.  I covered everything, the table the wall, and anything within a spray’s reach, then just wiped them up.  There were a few rogues I had to stand around and deal with manually but the cat helped, he gets points for that.  

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