Sunday, June 1st, 2008


You never know what Chase will enjoy and what will just totally freak her out. She was suspicious of the moonbounce at first but by her third turn she was, as they say, tearing it up. When other babies waited out for the bigger kids to have a turn Chase refused declaring moonbounce! She didn’t actually declare it but she did get in and hold her own with the big kids though I will say that they were incredible kind to her. She wanted to get in that thing so many times that I had to buy more tickets with a check. Luckily the ticket booth guy was very sympathetic. I thought that all the activity would wear her out but she barely took more than an hour-long nap. I needed more of a nap for crying out loud.

I picked some swiss chard from the garden this afternoon for our dinner. Our little boxes don’t yield a bumper crop of anything but it’s fun and relaxing to work on and I find a lot of satisfaction in picking what we do grow. I Have a little more space to add a few plants now that the lettuce and radishes are done. We already have beans, cukes, tomatoes, peppers, zukes and carrots. Any ideas? I’m thinking maybe I’ll just put in some basil.

Laughing and carrying on.Chase had to be escorted from the moonbounce on all three turns.


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