Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Video Time Capsule

I was going to take a little break from posting but then I got a call about this VHS tape that I came across a while back. I knew it was around but one day I crossed paths with the tape and finally decided to play it. It’s me participating in what I can only imagine was a project for a sociology or women’s studies class. It’s a little weird and coincidental that I came across the tape at just about the end of my 27th year.

It was hard to watch little me on video talking about what I thought my life would be like in 20 years. It’s always hard to watch yourself on video or to listen to yourself on tape but compound that with talking about your life’s aspirations and you’ll find yourself inconspicuously wiping away tears trying not to draw your family’s attention even though they have ultimately come to expect this kind of reaction from you. As a quick aside, I took Chase to see the Charles Village parade today with some friends. For some reason as yet unknown to me the stupid parade gets me choked up every year. Last year I chalked it up to hormones and being a new mom, I think I’ll use that excuse again this year. Anyhow, The whole video is about 27 minutes long so I thought I’d break it up a little. I hope you find this as interesting to watch as I did and if not, that you get a kick out of seeing what I looked like when I was 7.

**OK, well I just looked at the video as I uploaded it and I evidently inadvertently selected a clip I didn’t want to include so you’re getting 12 minutes instead of the 5 I had anticipated. Maybe you’ll find it riveting enough to watch the entire 12 minutes, maybe. If I have to deal with i movie for one more minute I’ll tear my hair out but maybe I’ll fix it up tomorrow.

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