Friday, June 6th, 2008

Friday, Woo.

I’m so happy it’s friday, so very happy.  It’s been a busy couple of days but in a good way.  I’ve been working on scheduling and figuring out a reciprocal childcare situation with a neighbor friend and as hard as it’s been for me to let go a little it really is a really fabulous idea.  If I don’t give credit where credit is due I know I’ll hear about it so let me just come out and say that it was NOT my idea and that truthfully I was incredible hesitant if not resistant.  Ben first suggested that I approach a couple of neighbors months ago but I couldn’t or didn’t want to do it.  Later, said neighbor friend suggested it and after some weeks we finally just jumped in and started figuring things out.  Most importantly Chase is having a blast.  

We picked up lunch today and while we were waiting for our order a big fire truck pulled up right outside the window.   Chase was pretty impressed by the truck itself but when the firefighters leaned out waving to her that really sealed the deal.  She was waving and pointing and was just generally beside herself with excitement.  Later, we went to Wal-Mart on an unrelated errand and came back with a new fire truck toy.  She really likes her new little tykes truck but of course I’ve spent part of the three hours that I’ve been sitting in this lecture to look at other amazing fire truck toys that are out there.  With a little more thought and planning I could have gotten her one of those from an independent toy store.  It’s hard to not go crazy with all of the info floating around in my head.. buy local, buy simple toys… etc. etc.  So I’m just going to chalk this spur of the moment purchase up to, I can only do what I can do and let it go.  It IS a fine looking fire truck after all.  

The real reason that I was al Wal-Mart was because I was looking for buttons.  In spite of the fact that their selection of fabric and notions is pitifully small they do still have a fabric and craft section and I think that they’re the closest store to us that carries any sewing notions at all.  That being said I bought a lot of cute buttons for use with my version of this cute halter dress that I found online yesterday.  Chase was not having any of it when I tried it on her today without the straps so hopefully she’ll let it stay on tomorrow once it’s tied.  I’m hoping that the cute flower button will be enough of an inducement to keep it on at least long enough to get a picture.  You can find the tutorial here, but there’s autoplaying music so turn your volume off if you don’t want anyone to hear.   It’s a great idea and very simple.  I modified it a little adding a scalloped edge at the bottom and some decorative stitching.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.  It’s always so hard to wait until Chase wakes up to try stuff on her.  It takes all my willpower not to go wake her right now.  

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