Tuesday, June 10th, 2008



Chase woke up this morning running a little fever.  This is the first time she’s really been under the weather.  I’ve never had to deal with this sort of general whiney-ness.  I wonder if she picked up a bug yesterday touching everything at the science center.  She spent the whole day lying around.  Lying in her crib, lying on the couch.  There were a few moments when she had a burst of energy but her poor little body just couldn’t keep up.  She really wanted to go outside and ordinarily I wold have said fine but today was another scorcher.  I was pretty happy when I started to hear thunder in class tonight.  

This being not only my first experience with a sick baby I was so touched by how much she needed to be cuddled and read to today.  And even though I felt terrible that she felt crappy I loved that I got to give her sips of juice and water through a bendy straw from her favorite cup and that she could lie around all day on the couch watching Sprout (best channel ever).  At first I was worried that she’d wake up tomorrow feeling better and demanding juice and tv and for the cat to be her footrest again but I know that if she were feeling better we wouldn’t have been trapped inside the house and she would have wanted to be out and about so I just went with it.  We did spend some time making drawings, reading books and looking at magazines so all was not lost.  I hope she’s feeling better tomorrow though or cabin fever is liable to set in.  I already spent all day making lists of things I need for projects that I don’t have time to do.  Also on my to do list is to procure some crazy straws for special occasions.  I think she’d love that.   

I’m also putting up some pics of the science center.  We went with friends yesterday and had boatloads of fun.  70 bucks buys you a membership for 2 and kids under three get in free.  I think it’s well worth the money.  We barely scratched the surface in two hours and even though it was hot hot hot outside the a/c was cranked inside.  They had all kinds of interactive exhibits for little guys including a water table and an undersea adventure cave.  There’s a room for kids under 24 months that’s fabulous with a moonbounce type thing and a soft playhouse area that kids can climb on.  They even have a space with a chair you could use to nurse, complete with Boppy.  I think the moonbounce and the water table were highlights for Chase but there were lots of other things that were pretty interesting too.  There was a lego table where once you built something you could press a button to start an earthquake and watch it crumble that was pretty cool too.  All in all, a great way to spend an afternoon.  Oh, did I mention that there was NOBODY there?  I don’t know what it will be like when school lets out, but on a Monday afternoon there were maybe 10 other kids there.  You’ll notice that you can’t see any of them in the pictures, we were totally blown away.  AND there was ample free two hour parking within walking distance AND it only took us about 10 minutes door to door.  Sweet!  

Notice the stroller parking…


Last but not least, my new short and poofy hair… for those who asked


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