Thursday, June 12th, 2008

We All Scream For Ice Cream

There’s no better night to support local business than Thursday night.  The dinner planned for tonight will just have to wait patiently in the fridge until tomorrow.  I was not about to pass on the offer of Donna’s and a pitcher of sangria.  After dinner we crossed the street to Dominion Ice Cream.  Our neighbors have been telling us about Dominion for a while now but we hadn’t gotten around to trying it yet.  Especially since Ben is always sucked in by the Cold Stone vortex that shoots out and sucks people in every time the door opens.  

The thing about Dominion is the homemade vegetable ice cream.  I know, it sounds crazy but when you think about it, why not slip in a serving of spinach with dessert?  I ordered a kiddie scoop of sweet potato for Chase.  I tasted a blast of sweet potato in the first bite but on the second and third all I tasted was rich creamy ice cream.  Honestly, I had to help her with the cone before her scoop fell off.  She loved every bite of it.. and then she got down to the cone.  I should preface this by saying that she had a piece of pizza at dinner that she ate crust first, so it should be no surprise that the very first thing she did with the cone was to bite the tip off.  I wonder what that means about her personality.  More crappy phone pictures:


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