Saturday, June 21st, 2008


I kinda fell off the face of the earth for a minute there.  Earlier this week Kayris gave me this award!  

Cool, huh?  It makes me feel cool and lame at the same time because even though I loved getting it I have no one to pass it on to.  Not really anyway.  I think most of the people’s blogs that I read either already have a huge enough following that they know just how many people’s days their making or have already been awarded it not to mention that I am completely inept when it comes to how these things go.  So… Thank you, thank you!  And I’m glad somebody’s reading :o)  Gack, now I have to figure out how to get it into my sidebar.  

In other news it’s finally here along with all the good and bad that come with it.  

The good:

The farmer’s market is in full swing.  I can’t wait for tomatoes so I can eat insalata caprese everyday.  

It’s full on yard sale season.  I left the house with 5 bucks and came back with 3.  Also in tow, two giant dump trucks for backyard play, a cool vintage pattern to make for myself in the fall, three vintage books for Chase and a pile of fabric.  Not bad huh?  

I love watching the tiny veg grow a little everyday.  I finally got some perennials in the front so we’re not the weed garden people anymore.  It’s pretty bad when the guy playing without a full deck offers to bring you over some hostas from his own garden and then feels so bad for you that he plants them for you too.  

I took this book out from the library.  It has good ideas for ways to encourage children’s play outdoors.  The book has just been re-released with a few updates but the pictures scream I’m from the original publication!  A lot of the featured gardens are from the mid-atlantic region which makes is that much more useful and interesting.  I’m reading and thinking about how to interpret some of the ideas for our postage stamp yard.  We’re trying to think of ways to maximize the use of our space.  Ben built a door to cover the steps down to the basement that is not pitched so that it also serves as a little deck for the grill that freed up a lot of space and also provided a place to store our table when not in use.  I planted ferns underneath our plant beds.  I put some stones in around them and I’m hoping that they naturalize a little.  

We’re trying a new composting experiment.  We were on the verge of shelling out for a system when we found this.  

All of our hard work is finally paying off.  We’re having a lot of fun kicking around outside.  

Oh, and Pile of Craft.  I hardly slept last night, tossing and turning and trying to figure out what order to tackle the walk to the farmer’s market, block yard sale and craft fair in.  For fear of being run out of town I’ll keep my opinion to a minimum but I’ll tell you that I just don’t ‘get’ the whole hipster scene.  Craft is craft regardless of how ‘cool’ you are, where’s the craft love people?  I did buy one thing from one booth because the vendor was the nicest, most genuine person.  She had a truly warm smile and was so nice not to mention that her wares were super cute.  Only a super nice person selling super cute stuff could get me to spend 40 bucks on a child’s t-shirt, sheesh.  Don’t hold this against me when I’m calling asking you to borrow money.  Chase has a kitty t-shirt and kitty says MOW that’s m-ow not, mow.  

The cat is from a recycled T and the rest of the shirt is organic cotton.  The whole thing is ridiculously soft and beautiful… I want it.  Plus it looks like a cat I had once.  

Summer means it’s almost Chase’s half-birthday.  She’s having a little bit of a language explosion that results in more than a little verbal diarrhea.  I catch some of it that gets repeated, bug bite, Chase got socks, go outside, truck, chalk, toot toot!  and a lot of new animal sounds and actions.  A lot of it sounds the same but I’m fluent in Chase-ease.  She is also finally saying mummy and mom.  Of course it’s while she’s trailing behind me demanding to be carried.  I had to bust out the Ergo my back is killing me.  

The bad: 

Chase is being eaten alive by mosquitos and I haven’t had time to figure out how to effectively combat the buggers.  I finally went around today and put a few drops of citronella essential oil around where we sit and it seemed to work.  It’s cost effective until the bottle runs out because I already had it on hand but I’m reasonably certain that pouring essential oils around in the great outdoors isn’t the most effective way to fend off mosquitos.  

Must you play your music so loud?  Seriously, are you going to die if you turn it down a notch or two?  One day I’ll just snap. 

What will the kids DO all summer?  

It will be hot soon and the craziness that is summer in the city will hit hard.  

Have a good weekend!

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