Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Fun Friends

I’m just getting back from a long night of lecture but I’m not mad because we had such a nice day with friends Anny and baby Abby.  She’ll probably be mad that I’m posting such a close up shot but I can’t help it, you can tell how nice she is just by looking at her.  My gorgeous friend Anny:

They drove all the way here this morning just to play and it was so much fun.  We started the morning in Fells Point with a pastries and coffee at Bonaparte.  They had three little bowls with quick breakfast offerings on the counter.  Butter croissants, chocolatines, and another filled with apples.  I sampled one of each but the chocolate croissant was by far the best, how could it not be?  By the time we were done every patron in the place had tripped over Chase twice and she had put tiny hand prints all over the impeccably clean glass display case in spite of my best efforts to prevent that from happening.  

From there we hopped on the water taxi to go across to Ft. McHenry (where else, I know).  The water taxi was sooo much fun but at 9 bucks a head you don’t get a whole lot of bang for your buck if you’re not using it as a true tourist.  Nonetheless the kiddies seemed to really enjoy it.  The ride was just long enough to see some sights along the way but ended just before Chase got too antsy.  She was antsy but not too antsy.  They originally said that all kids under 10 were 4 bucks but they didn’t charge us for the babies once we were on board though I don’t know if that’s because they were strapped to our backs or because the boat wasn’t that full or just because the guy was nice.  Chase really enjoyed the boat ride though so I will more likely than not shell out to do it again.. and again.  I couldn’t get a great shot of Chase on the boat.  I couldn’t get far enough away to get more than her face in the shot.  She would have either a) best case scenario fallen off of the bench or b) worst case scenario tried to climb out onto the back of the boat.  I took the shot I could get.  A picture of a water taxi and one of Chase enjoying the ride.  

At Fort McHenry we just sat in the grass in a shady spot and had a snack before catching a boat back to Fells.  Abby is so close to walking on her own, she wanted to run with Chase a lot and they were all squeals and pointing over it.  I suspect she’ll be running within a matter of days.  It was a great way to spend the morning and I hope they come back to do it again!  I highly recommend these activities to anyone who needs to get out and about.  A boat ride, imagine.  No fuss no muss, you just show up and pay they run all the time so you don’t have to plan much of anything.  You might wait 15 or 20 minutes but in the meantime you could get a fresh squeezed lemonade across the street.  Enjoying some snack:

We also saw the visiting Japanese Coast Guard Ship.  It was pretty impressive.

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