Monday, June 30th, 2008

A New Bag

Whenever I get my shoes on and say ok, let’s go!  Chase tries to hand me my bag.  The giant might-as-well-be Hefty bag that lugs around an assortment of diapers, toys and snacks that I can barely lift off the ground.  It got me thinking about making a little bag that she could tote around.  I used some brown fleece from my stash and just started cutting.  I wanted to give it a little structure so she could get her hand in and out pretty easily so I used the shoulder pads that I cut out of mom’s jacket.  And you’d thought I’d thrown them away, ha!  A couple of buttons and a tube of light brown fleece make a serviceable handle.  

Then because I still had an itch to make something but it was far too late to stick my fingers near anything motorized I devised a little card holder style wallet for her to tuck inside.  I just cut some pieces of craft felt out around a credit card and stitched them together with some embroidery floss.  

My first instinct was to make her a cute little cotton bag with a cute print that would be like a little purse but what I like about this one is that it can just as easily be a picnic basket as a coach bag with a little imagination.  So… I threw a felt banana and strawberry in with the wallet just for kicks.  I keep making the little bits of food as I come up with ideas for things that can be made out of the crazy colors I have.  I was just looking at the felt too and passed up buying some.  Now I’m kicking myself.  Anyway, no matter because she really likes it as it is.  She swings it around on her arm as if she’s been carrying a handbag forever.  

It’s hard to get a picture of a toddler swinging a purse but here are a few of Chase enjoying her new toy.  I added a strawberry and a carrot to the poor sad banana.  



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