Monday, June 30th, 2008


To be included here!  It’s a big deal for me cause I feel like I’m out here all alone sometimes.  I feel all insecure when people talk about the traffic they get on their blog because I get very little… so feel free to add me to your reader, leave a comment or bookmark me, I like to share!  

Of course I was so excited about it and the prospect of friends that the server went down and with it my site for a while.  I know it’s times like that where Ben wishes he didn’t manage my hosting.  I turned into dracu-client demanding answers and responsive action and the worst part was that he couldn’t ignore my phone calls or neglect to answer my email, poor guy.  It came back up though and I took a deep breath and everything was fine, lucky for him…

I think I’m all caught up on posting now.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed there just missing a couple of days over the weekend.  

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