Friday, July 4th, 2008

Bottle Rockets

So even though I just got the results of last year’s MRI a couple of weeks ago I’m now awaiting the results of the one I had for this year on Friday.  The whole thing is absurd.  The stack of films that I have to bring with me to every appointment weighs almost more than I do and yet the actual scan doesn’t get any easier.  It’s not the tight space that bothers me, I’m not afraid to be in the tube.  What I can’t stand is not being able to move.  

No matter what I wear, no matter what I do with my hair I spend the whole time supremely uncomfortable.  This time was no exception.  I get comfortable, get an earplug and she slips me into the tube and starts the scans.  As soon as the scans begin the woman starts talking to me through the intercom even though she’s JUST handed me an earplug and the machine makes a terrible noise.  She’s asking me if I’m ok and she continues to ask me for the next 20 minutes or so.  The third or fourth time she asks I say um, I have a cramp in my back because the burning pain is just becoming unbearable and I haven’t even gotten the contrast dye yet.  Her response?  Even though she’s been asking me if I’m ok for half an hour?  Um, she says.  Um!  Um.. what does that mean?  I tell her I need to move my shoulders which makes her huff and puff and carry on before she bustles in to the room.  That’s when she notices that she’s forgotten to wedge my head in place with the little bolsters.  The crazy thing is that once she did that?  The whole process was a lot more comfortable.  Stupid, stupid!  

So I get my films and hustle over the hospital where I find that the appointment before me hasn’t been seen yet and have been waiting for 45 minutes.  It was not looking good.  Luckily it didn’t take that long to get in.  Of course once I was in I was out again in 10 minutes.  Why did I have to go through all of that for the doctor to tell me to call him in a week so he could read me the MRI technician’s report?  I’m happy that the scans show no change so I’m not that angry otherwise I’d be carrying on about how it was a total scam.  Keep your fingers crossed that the report is consistent with the doc’s initial opinion.  I’m not too worried about it though.  

So what else is going on?  How was your fourth?  I’m trying not to freak out.  I love fireworks when I’m watching the display of a professional pyrotechnics technician.  The thought of every Tom, Dick and Harry launching his own show makes me glad it rained today so my house has a chance when the embers of Tom’s bottle rocket land on the roof.  Am I the only person that thinks fireworks at home are stupid and that it’s a really bad idea to sell fireworks at Target?  

We had a pretty good day.  We spent it just hanging around and having a good time.  A few pics from the day.

I stirred some of the cherries we canned into softened vanilla ice cream.  It was so yummy.

Ben calls it: the 1980’s are calling and they want their phone back.  

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