Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

6 Days

That’s all the stands between me and certain failure.  I know, you think I’ll do fine but seriously… I am getting some pitiful scores on my practice questions.  Pitiful is even a bit of an understatement.  I shouldn’t even be posting right now, I should be taking my 40 lashes and getting back to the books because the set I just did was so bad.  BUT I haven’t been around for a few days and I’m starting to feel a little withdrawal. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on here.   The sweetpeas I planted started blooming but now everything outside has been fried crispy by the recent heat wave.  Our best efforts to water and tend the garden didn’t save everything.  


We’ve been doing some fun projects inside to keep us cool and busy.  Yesterday we picked up some craft supplies on the cheap at Target and made pipe cleaner bangles.  They also had some of those little Schleich animals on clearance so we got a random assortment of those.  Chase loooves the little animals.  They’ve been keeping her pretty busy and since now we have way too many of them I devised a plan for storing them.  I picked up a cheap zippered pencil case with a clear zippered pocket on the front.  That way we can store the animals in the big pocket with one in the smaller front pocket so everyone can tell what’s inside.  It’s not terribly sophisticated or attractive but I think it might work and it’s cheap, did I mention cheap?

So I took this picture because it pretty much includes everything we’ve done over the last couple of days.  The pipecleaner bangles, a bouquet of grasses that Chase picked, a poor, sad, lone stem of a potted palm that was once glorious that I snipped at the last second and rooted in a cup of water and recently repotted in soil as an experiment, and the butterfly that Chase decorated today.  The butterfly had a head and pipecleaner antennae… had.  

I took Chase to the library there and we decimated their collection of insect books.  We brought home an Eyewitness DVD about butterflies too.  Butterflies and insects in general are big around here lately– each of them in turn referred to as fly.  We found a praying mantis living in our front garden on Monday and today we found a big cricket in the back.  It was so cool but I think it tried to attack me and bite my face, the mantis that is.  I try to keep it together for Chase’s sake and not fly into hysterics at the drop of a bug hat but I’ll smash a bug that attacks my face without hesitation.  I still marvel how everything about the library is free, the librarian’s time and expertise, the books, the videos and right now they have a nice collection of original artwork from children’s literature on display.  Last but not least, Chase says adios singing ‘don’t fence me in.’  It’s not even a gate for her it’s a gate for the dogs but she wasn’t hearing any of that.


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