Saturday, August 9th, 2008

But the Teeny Tiny Chair Suited Her Exactly

We have a whole mishmash of doll related toys all of a sudden.  First I found a doll chair at the thrift store.  

Then I found a desk that probably belonged to a doll at some point too.  

And well, once we had a desk and a chair, I thought, what better time for a doll bed?  Chase likes to tuck baby in. 

Chase has just started to get into this kind of play and I’m trying to encourage it.  I’m having trouble waiting for her birthday and christmas for the big gift ideas I have on my list.  

I’m also feeling like I never have a handle on all the toys.  I feel like I need to constantly have new stuff in rotation or she’s bored with what we’ve got.  At the same time I never feel like I can get rid of anything because she might be interested in it again at some point.  Now we have all this stuff.  Some of it really needs to go.  I’m thinking I might just schedule a goodwill pick up.  That always motivates me to get stuff together.  That and we have two extra office chairs in the basement.  Oh, and here’s a random picture of Chase I took because I am in love with her big girl jeans.  

Are you watching project runway?  This past week’s show was great.  I feel like the first couple of weeks are always lousy and I can never remember the people who get voted off by the end of the season.  The show just starts off with too many but now it’s getting good.  This week’s episode had some of the best commentary by the judges AND contestants.  There were some real gems in there.  Oh, and Jerrell, Jerrell!  What?!  I need to watch the episode again just to see that outfit.  I’m sure it was well tailored, constructed and a whole lot better than anything I could do but conceptually, not so much.

I’ve been working on a couple of projects and doing a little sewing.  You never know when inspiration will strike so I always like to keep supplies on hand like… heavy weight artist’s canvas, leather weight needles and vintage sheets… stay tuned!   

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