Sunday, August 17th, 2008

First Day Jitters

I’m not even going in tomorrow and they’ve already started.  I think I’m all ready though.  Aside from having a really killer bag I’m pretty much all set.  I hit Arundel Mills this weekend with Erin.  There were plenty of good deals there.  I try to stay out of that place because every time I go I get totally crazed by shopping.  When we hot home my legs were hurting but I was happy.  Chase was happy because she got a new pair of shoes at the Stride Rite outlet.  They have a lot of cute stuff there and the associates can still size a baby for a shoe just like the regular store.  She’s been wearing them non stop and telling anyone who will listen about her new shoes.  Her feet were bigger than I thought.  She’s wearing a size 8 already my little sasquatch.  

Chase did a little painting this weekend too.  Back to school time is a great time to pick up cheap supplies so I stocked up on a bunch of different things.  It was hard to choose between regular paint, watercolors, finger paints and gel paint.  So I opted for finger paints and decided some time later that there’s no reason to not use a brush with finger paints so that they can do double duty.  It turns out that Chase doesn’t like to finger paint.  She just can’t warp her mind around willingly getting paint on your fingers.  

She really likes painting so I took a picture of her looking very proud of herself.  At first I thought what a slob I am with the pillow case hanging over the chair but this way you can see the pillow case I used to make a little nighty this evening.  I bought some trim off the spool at JoAnn’s today to pretty it up a little.  I used a coupon on it and it’s a good thing because putting 10 bucks worth of trim on a one dollar pillow case would kind of defeat the purpose.  Pictures of that project to follow.  

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