Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Life seems to be moving at a good pace right now.  I’m enjoying the relaxed feeling of evenings where there are no pressing deadlines.  There’s plenty that I could be doing but I’m going to soak up a few more of these evenings first.  I’m also really happy that we haven’t had to turn the AC on in a while.  I suppose it’s no surprise then that I have also started making sure that there’s always a pitcher of sweet tea in the fridge.  It’s not blazing hot but a nice glass of iced tea certainly doesn’t hurt.  

I’m not particularly happy about the fact that Chase is dealing with some cold and/or teething issues at the moment.  For the last couple of days no amount of sleep gets her to a point where she’s rested enough to be her usual pleasant self.  She seems a little better tonight, her nose is running less but at dinner she clutched the side of her jaw as she bit down on her animal crackers.  There’s definitely something going on back there.  I haven’t asked around but I’m guessing that at 20 months we’re probably within the range of two year molars.  

I’m running out of court appropriate clothes already.  I didn’t really expect to be spending so much time with the attorney in court.  I’m a frugal girl at heart and it’s really hard for me to reconcile with the fact that I’ll never find a good deal on clothes again.  Since having Chase my body is what I can only describe as fat-skinny.  It simply is not the same as it was before in ways that I could never have imagined.  Even though my stomach has no muscle tone and is a little tub of jelly that slides down onto the mattress if I lie on my side, it only fits into the tiniest of pants.  So tiny that you can’t find them just anywhere you have to pay full price for them at stores where other tiny people shop.  I can’t just run in and grab a pair of pants anywhere anymore and grappling with this realization still hurts.  The girls… well that’s another and equally crazy story.  I come to this realization every couple of months.  Today I thought I’d pop into a couple of places to see if I cold find any deals.  I didn’t find anything and now I feel bad about being stupid and wasting time especially since Chase was less than enthused about the outing (to compensate her she demanded to wear footies home over her socks.  I might have to steal the look.)  Any way, against my better judgment I may make a trip to Arundel Mills tomorrow to return the low rise khakis I bought by accident.  You can’t wear low rise pants like real pants… not pretty, they must go back.  

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