Friday, August 29th, 2008


I put batteries in my flash!  Blogging is all better now.  I find it really hard to do without pictures, really hard.  This past week was really long for Ben so he knocked off early so we could have a little fun.  We don’t have anything planned for the long weekend so we’re trying out a little stay-cation, a little quality family time.  Ben’s never been to the science center so we stopped in there for a quick turn around the place.  Chase showed him her favorite parts, the undersea adventure, the turtles and the water table.  Ben’s just a big kid so he can really appreciate the place.  

Then we walked over to P.F. Chiang’s for dinner.  When I ordered spring rolls the server asked if I wanted two or four.  I said two, looked over at Chase who was already salivating at the mere though of spring rolls and decided to go with four.  I think she ate two to herself and maybe a few bites of rice but not a whole lot else.  

After dinner we went over to Best Buy and picked up Dan in Real Life.  I’ve been wanting to see it but it’s probably about number 295 in my Netflix queue not to mention that I saw the long trailer for it today and didn’t think I could wait.  We both really enjoyed it.  I feel like it might have gotten only lukewarm reviews but I thought it was really touching.  I laughed and cried but it wasn’t totally over the top in either direction.  My threshold for touching scenes is much lower than Ben’s so I started to well up way before he even keyed into what was coming.  What part of that was sad he asked me, to which I replied, nothing, there’s something in my eye.  Would you believe he bought that?  He didn’t figure it out for a few scenes yet, when I went to get a tissue.  I have to watch him with movies, he so impressionable.  We just finished the first disc of season 5 of The Wire and now we have discussions where he says things like “fair use, m-fer.” (expletive censored)  Which is ok with me as long as it doesn’t slip in on conference calls.  Ben, what do you think of this framework?  “Open source m-fers!”

But back to this evening, when we left Best Buy there was a fire truck parked across the street.  The firefighters were collection money for muscular dystrophy, you know in their boots.  So we went over and Chase put some money in the boots and wanted to look around a little.  The young, handsome firefighter noticed her taking an interest in the truck and opened it up so she could look around inside.  She was pretty excited but not in her normal squealing running in circles kind of a way.  She was very subdued, but she never stopped smiling and she was just completely enthralled with the firefighter and his fire engine.   

Finally, I worked on a little project last night for Chase.  I’ve been wanting to make her a little baby backpack like mine for her to use.  She really likes to use her stroller so I thought she might like this too.  She wore it a while today but since she can’t put it on her herself I think I’ll put it away for a while.  It is cute though and was really simple and quick to put together.  I think the whole project took about 45 minutes including planning time.  I decided to finally put it together yesterday because I got a windfall of fabric from someone including some pre-quilted stuff that I thought would be cute.  I like that it can be worn on the front or on the back.



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