Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008


I’m reluctant to write work-related posts but I just have to share some of the stuff I overhear out there.  In the few short weeks that I’ve been working I’ve been to court in more counties than I can count on one hand.  This is an amazing state.  You don’t have to travel far to find yourself in a completely different universe.  And because I’m a people person I have found, thus far, each of them to be equally charming in their own unique way.  I’ve overheard conversations about everything from this year’s haying to ones initiated with “mushi mushi,” it’s been just all over the place.  This is all to say that three weeks in I’m still really enjoying the new gig.  I like it so much that I always want to look sharp.  I still don’t think that I have an adequate supply of clothes to really get by but on the other hand am reasonably certain that I couldn’t identify an adequate supply either.  I probably need an expert to come and give me an opinion : )  I just know that I definitely don’t have enough shoes.  Plus, if you look like a lawyer you can bypass the metal detector line. 

I can’t believe I’m just getting to write about last weekend and it’s almost the weekend again already.  How was yours?  I actually worked!  I crossed a lot of projects off of my mental list.  I cleaned up a little in the basement and got it somewhat organized with the new workbench that we bough more than a month ago.  Of course it’s all in shambles again because my next order of business was to paint the dining room and that meant getting out all of the painting supplies but I did make the effort.  I’m really happy with the dining room.  I barely changed the color but i replaced the flat and dull contractor paint with an ever so slightly warmer color called “oatmeal” that ties in with the “peanut” that runs into the kitchen.  I painted the trim the same porcelain from Sherwin Williams that we used in the foyer and I feel really good about how it turned out.  Now I just have to get that curtain up on the back door.  Hopefully I’ll have enough energy to do it tomorrow night now that the whole neighborhood has had a chance to peep our fridge.  I replaced the blinds in the dining room with a rod I found on clearance over the weekend and a curtain that I pulled out of some drawer, unopened nonetheless.  Sometimes just poking around in the house is like being at a rummage sale.  You just never know what you’re going to find.  It already feels so much better.  Now, I just need to order the rug and pick up the shelves.  I really wanted an armoire but have neither the time nor the inclination to really invest in finding the right piece so shelves it is.  The whole first floor is painted now and mostly furnished and I feel pretty good about that.  Of course Ben had to go and remind me that there is still an entire room upstairs that could have completely blown off the house for all we know because no one EVER opens the door.  That room’s on the list now too.  In the picture, the top portion of the molding shows the original wall and molding color.  I think the new scheme is much better don’t you?  I had a whole fistful of paint chips and carpet samples to help make the decision but in the end it all came down to looking at the pile as a whole and just picking the set of colors that made me say that’s a room I want to sit in.  It was a little bit of a moment for me. :)  

That’s about it.  Did you have fun too?

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