Monday, September 15th, 2008

Oh, Target

The place is so evil.  I went in for a case that will hold the portable dvd player over the back of the passenger seat.  I got the case, and a cartload of other nonsense too only to get home and find out that I bought a case for a 7.5 inch dvd player not an 8.5 inch one.  That being said they have a lot of great deals on stuff right now.  They are practically giving away school supplies.  They had great Faber-Castell products, things like watercolors and these cute chunky eco-friendly colored pencils, on clearance for a song.  I picked up one of everything they had for our trip and a bunch of cutsie notebooks for drawing.

 A quick swing through the clothes turned up some really cute dresses and a sweet pair of patterned tights that miraculously match all of them.  AND I found a headband that she approves of and doesn’t rip off her head.  

The most interesting thing about today was that Chase was perfectly happy to run the pre-trip errands that I had to take care of today.  Lately she none to happy to be strapped into her carseat and fusses like mad in stores.  Today though, not a peep.  I did stop at the playground before starting the errand-running but I swear it’s not the first time that I’ve tried that.  It was so nice to be able to think for once in a store or in the car.  I vaguely remember when it was like this all the time.  Now I have to make yet another trip to return the case I bought today and I feel like I’m probably pushing my luck to spend yet another day errand running.  

I wish I had something to write about the great things that I did today but aside from taking care of the shopping I was a total bum.  I barely even made dinner.  We’re expecting a ‘delivery’ tomorrow though so I won’t be able to do so much slacking.

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