Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Choking Back My Rage

So I had my computer back for exactly 24 hours before I had to turn it over for repair AGAIN.  There’s nothing wrong with the computer itself but it seems that when they replaced the RAM they destroyed the optical drive.  I’ve never heard a disk drive sound so sad.  Although this time I got smart and took it to a local authorized repair shop so I can avoid dealing with the dudes at store in Towson, now that’s genius.  So, I’m feeling so discouraged about it that I don’t really feel like writing a post.  I had lots of things that I wanted to write about and kept pushing them off until I got my computer back.  Now that it looks like it will be another week before that happens I’m taking advantage of the fact that Ben is out at some event thing or other and I can use his machine.  

I’ve been using the crockpot a lot lately although when Erin asked me what I’d made recently I could only think of two things.  I have turkey mole up there right now waiting for me to decide whether or not I’m hungry and I made a Cook’s Country recipe for sunday gravy that I caught on television last weekend.  I was pretty happy with the sauce.  I didn’t have sausage on hand so I made meatballs and cooked them before adding them to the pot.  They held up just fine over the long cooking time and I felt good that I hadn’t needed to buy any extra meat (you know, on top of the 75 lbs we brought home two weeks ago).  I’ve never actually seen the recipe itself so I can’t say this is it exactly as printed but it seemed to approximate what I saw on the show.  I subbed in some shoulder chops for the country style ribs too.  Oh, and yeah I only had skirt steak so I subbed that too.  But aside from changing all of the meats… 

I served pasta on the night I prepared the sauce and used the leftovers to make a yummy lasagne that served for two more dinners.  That was the center of my meal plan for the week I guess.  I also brined, spatchcocked and roasted a chicken that we had for dinner one night with… the name escapes me now for that orange colored cauliflower.  I prepared the turkey mole tonight but didn’t serve it for dinner because I ran away from the office early which through me off my game plan for starting dinner and I put it on an hour late.   

Good news though, I had those mini meatloaves in the freezer so dinnertime was saved.  It was something of a success I suppose.  She scraped off the mashed potatoes and ate the meat.  I just went upstairs and turned the pot off.  I tasted the turkey and the texture is right on.  I think the meat might do well to have a little added seasoning but I’m not to worried about it.  I see this recipe like the sunday gravy.  It was good over pasta but great in lasagne.  This will probably make an ok supper of turkey with rice and beans and a salad but I think it will make great tacos or burritos, among others, shredded and mixed with the sauce.  So I’m done with cooking for the week.  I can enjoy a whole day of not thinking about what to make for dinner before the cycle starts all over again.  Now, what I could really go for is a cookie.  A nice, fresh chocolate chip cookie.  That sounds so much better right now that turkey mole for one.  

Oh, and my fabric arrived today from Crafty Planet for making the book sample.  It has a directional print!  I’m a little psyched and a lot freaked out.

PS Ben just called from Ignite Baltimore and said it’s awesome.  I want to take part in informal festivity and merriment, this is total BS!

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