Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Admitting Defeat

I’m giving up waiting for my laptop to get better and learning my way around this machine.  Uploading and editing photos is particularly interesting.  I have a Flickr account but I can’t access it.  I can’t remember any of the info I need to access it and I changed my Yahoo password to something so un-crackable that even I can’t remember it.  In any event I really wanted to get some pictures up because we took Chase to Weber’s Farm again and she had a blast.  I”m not a big pumpkin patch girl so I don’t really have anything to compare it to but I’m quite certain that there are better ones out there.  However, I can drive to this one in under 15 minutes and Chase thinks it’s the best place on earth.  This year she was big enough to go down the big slide with daddy and that had to be the highlight of her day.  The slide and the baby bunnies… and the cider doughnuts and picking out pumpkins and the hayride.  All that fun for under 20 bucks.  We brought back two perfect specimens ready to be carved up all election year like.  I bought all the little carving tools and everything.  I’m totally gonna cut a finger off but it will be fun to try all the same. 


Yesterday was Ben’s birthday.  We had a little shindig over here with three other couples from our block and their 4 collective children.  A little bit of an after dinner pre bedtime dessert party.  Something fun to fill those couple of hours on a Friday night.  The kids had a great time.  I think they all thought it was their birthday.  I kept it pretty simple and that really helped keep the anxiety down.  I actually really enjoyed myself and felt good at the end of the night when everyone went home. 

We had chocholate dipped pretzels (from here, although whether you can call it a “recipe” is questionable.)  Brownies from a special chocolate edition of Fine Cooking; a recipe that’s finally a keeper.  I hauled out the fountain style milkshake maker for made to order chocolate and vanilla shakes for the kidlets and for the grownups I mixed chocolate stout milkshakes.  The lady at the beer store directed me to a chocolate stout by Brooklyn Brewery.  She handed me a six pack, hesitated and said, the stuff’s really intense you can’t really “drink it.”  She wasn’t kidding.  It made a fabulous shake but to taste it out of the bottle you’d have to be a diehard stout and dark chocolate fan.  Diehard, like in every fiber of your being. 

After everyone went home we watched Raising Arizona.  As a rule I hate Nicholas Cage but I liked this movie.  I have no idea how I ended up adding it to my queue.  If a couple of months passes between the time I add movies and the time I watch them sometimes I play a little game where I try to retrace the steps I took when I was lost in a web of browsing and adding movies to the list.  I think in this case I added No Country for Old Men which led me to Barton Fink, directed by Joel Coen and then on to Raising Arizona, directed by the Coen bros.  See?  A suddenly incomprehensible and random assortnement of videos in my mailbox suddenly makes sense.   

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