Monday, November 3rd, 2008

I Broke My Brain

I realized with some horror today what happened.  I bought a single package of curtains from Ikea that contained two individual panels some months ago.  They sat in a cupboard in the dining room waiting for me to get up the nerve to mount the hardware for the rods.  When I finally got ready to put the rods up I decided that I wanted to have two panels on each narrow window and that I’d have to make a trip back to pick them up.  I made that trip back about a month ago.  I remember now being in the store with two packages of curtains and thinking I’d better put one of back because I only needed to buy one extra package since I already had one at home.  I did that, came home and put the new curtains up.  One panel on each window.  Hmm I thought, that’s not how I want it to look, I’d better get another panel for each window.  Just today when I decided to make yet another trip back did I start to put the pieces together.  I must have taken my package from home to match colors and then put back the additional package and paid for the one I already owned a second time.  Curses!  I remember my sister teasing me about mommy brain when I was pregnant with Chase but since I’m not pregnant now I would really like to know what’s causing my total mental breakdown.  Maybe I need to eat more fish.  I literally cannot keep any single thought straight in my mind for more than a minute, minute and a half tops.  Luckily when it comes to work I can sort of push a lot of stuff aside and focus on the cases because otherwise… well I don’t even want to consider the repercussions there.  I also threw out the box for the lamp I don’t like and want[ed] to return.  Not my finest hour.  

While I still have my faculties about me, thanks for all your great responses to my post about leftovers.  I’m going to try to make better use of the freezer when it comes to leftovers.  I always keep the freezer stocked with meat and frozen veg but once stuff comes out it very rarely goes back in once cooked.  I think it might work for me to start putting some leftovers right in the freezer for another night (when I’ve forgotten to plan something).  Erin: where do you find the pancetta at TJ’s?  In the case with the cheese?  Like between the cheese and the pizza dough?  And, how do you make your stock in the crockpot?  Janis: I haven’t been that happy with the crockpot cookbooks that I’ve had.  The best was a small Williams Sonoma book that I borrowed from the library.  It certainly didn’t have any recipes for preparation of small quantities.  This book you have… a) do you like most of the recipes and b) will I have to break down and get the little crockpot?  


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