Thursday, November 6th, 2008

I Don’t Like This Game Anymore

When I decided to commit to posting everyday this month I didn’t factor in 10 and 11 hour days.  For months it felt like I was just a warm body in the office and then all of a sudden my days are just stuffed full of work, flooded with papers and calls.  That’s overstating the situation a little but not much.  I was at work at 7 and didn’t call it quite until well after 5.  The good news is I’m getting plenty of good experience.  People say things to me like I know you learned this for the bar exam and I smile and nod and then become very, very anxious.  Scores are coming you know.  

I’ve also been told that I am free to bring Chase to work with me whenever.  My boss seems to think that this is a good idea.  I’d say that it’s because he’s never met her before but that’s not entirely true.  He just hasn’t had the opportunity to see Chase in a room that’s just chock full of paper.  What she doesn’t use to practice her letters will be “organized” re-sorted into new “piles” or less than gently moved to clear surfaces.  Chase is still big into letters and did you know you can watch chicka chicka boom boom on youtube in case you need something to do away from home?  She does a lot of practicing reading and writing and is starting to be able to identify and say a lot of letters, she really likes her letter magnets.  

Here she is writing.

Sometimes she likes to write with her friends around.  In this picture they’re lined up in order of preference.  The camel, woof, the cow and… the rest of them.  I think koala would be somewhere between the camel and the penguin.  She’s very particular about these friends.  The cow and the dog sleep in a miniature pumpkin bucket every night.  


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