Monday, November 17th, 2008

Priming the Pump

For holiday shopping that is. I know, we’re tightening belts around here too but still, the girl needs a few things under the tree right? The play kitchen I’ve had my eye on for months was discounted 30 dollars this past weekend so we picked that up. I think she’ll be very exited about that. I have dishes and pots and pans from Ikea stashed away here somewhere to go along with it. I broke down and ordered her a paperback copy of Baby Shoes and a used copy of Hi, Cat which I’ve been thinking about since last year.

Speaking of things I’ve been pining over for a year or more, I picked up some hairpins and Holiday Heap over the weekend. Whether or not I’ll ever wear them remains to be seen I just really, really wanted them. I’d post a picture but my camera is decommissioned because my battery charger suddenly and mysteriously conked out on me. I should have a new one of each by Thursday so I can figure out whether it’s actually the battery or the charger that’s causing the problem. Hopefully it’s not the camera.. but then again I could ask santa for my new lens and the new nikon DSLR that also takes video. Anyway, that’s how I ended up on Amazon ordering books. Shopping on Amazon is like going to Target nay, Walmart because they’re always slashing prices and showing you the deep, deep discounts coming at ya.

I cast on (an re-cast on and re-cast on) a new pair of mittens for Chase. I have about 20 knitting books but I always use Knitting for Baby because I (usually) find the instructions clear and easy to follow and because the projects are simple and cute. These are toddler mittens knit in the round on double pointed needles. The project is too small to knit on circular needles and let me tell you these double pointed jobbies are no joke. I had to go online looking for further explanation but only ultimately figured it out after doing it over and over again. What I learned was to not be dumb about knitting but in all seriousness, that simple point just wasn’t coming to me. I might write a little tutorial on the finer points of not being stupid when I get my new battery.

The reason that I’m knitting, I’m noticing a pattern here, is that my sewing machine is in the shop. It needs a tuneup to deal with what I can only imagine is some kind of timing issue. It’s a solid machine though so I’m pretty confident that it’s nothing disastrous. AND, most promisingly, I met someone who thinks they might be able to thread my ancient industrial Juki overlock. I’d love to get that baby up and running. You know, so I can use it late at night and cut a finger off instead of just sewing over it.

I’ve been doing a little but not nearly enough cooking. I was supposed to prep a casserole tonight for dinner tomorrow but haven’t and now it’s way late. I might push myself to get it done instead of paying for it tomorrow. Chase has had some kind of food epiphany. Completely unprovoked the child, who on one occasion last week ate only a single grain of rice and a bite of chicken for dinner, ate (almost) a whole scrambled egg, half a grilled cheese, carrot sticks and almost a whole flounder filet with rice AND salad. She didn’t eat that all at once, but the sheer variety of it all has my mind reeling. Even though I never really pressed the issue I thought she’d just eat crackers for the rest of her life. I’m glad that my approach didn’t come back to bite me, not yet anyway.

Lastly, because I’m feeling really proud of myself, I cleaned out the fridge today. It was much needed.

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