Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Handmade Gift Ideas :: Play Food

I made these grapes last night.  They’re the first in what I hope will materialize into a set of different play foods.  A while back I made a pretty successful strawberry and carrot so I’m feeling pretty confident about fruits and veg but I’m less certain about meats and grains.  I don’t have that fully worked out yet but hopefully between now and Christmas I’ll have some more info to share on the matter.  

I made the grapes from 4 small bags of pompoms.  I stitched through some with elasticized thread and others with regular cotton thread.  Once I had them all strung I twisted them around each other until I had something that resembled a bunch.  You can sew right through the center of the pompoms.  I hope it holds.  We tossed it around a bit but I don’t know if the elasticized thread will be enough to withstand much pulling.  It’s just an experiment, if they don’t last I’ll shell out for some commercially made stuff but until then I’ll keep having fun dreaming this stuff up.

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