Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Handmade Gift Ideas :: Baby Doll Mei Tai Carrier

I took this picture yesterday of Chase wearing her mei tai.  I made it a few months back but Chase is more interested in it now that she’s really into taking care of her baby or babies as it sometimes goes.  That and I thought what more appropriate time to post than after all the talk about baby-wearing and the controversy over Motrin’s recent ad campaign.

We first bought her a little stroller and she loved it but not so much because she was taking care of her baby as that she loved to push stuff around.  She likes the mei tai because she can carry around baby and still have her two hands free to weak havoc.  Sort of the same reason I like to use a sling… well, same but different.  

In any event, this was another quick and simple project.  It’s just two squares of pre-quilted fabric stitched together with four attached straps.  The buttons are purely decorative.  The project used up bits of stuff I had hanging around in my stash.  I love projects like that.  I always feel productive when I can use something I already have on hand.  

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