Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Fake Steaks

We watched the Eagles win today!  It’s hard to watch football without fuel for cheering… although we wouldn’t necessarily know that.  We’re learning slowly in the post season that if you don’t eat you tend to tire easily.  So, at halftime we made sandwiches.  I haven’t done the week’s groceries yet so meals today were really a challenge.  A challenge but not impossible.  You know how I love to work over my leftovers.

A strip steak leftover from last night’s dinner was sliced thinly.  The last hoagie roll from the week’s sandwiches was split in half and spread with a little mayo.  Then the steak was layered on and topped with a couple of slices of provolone.  I popped both sandwiches, open faced, on a sheet of parchment and popped them in the toaster oven until the cheese melted.  Pile on some, what probably should have been Herr’s but we live in Baltimore so we eat Utz, chips and lunch is served.   While we’re on the topic, I bought Hellman’s recently because it was on sale.  I always buy Kraft but I’m thinking about making a permanent switch, tasty stuff. Of course Ben has a sudden affinity for 365 mayo which requires a special trip

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