Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Mom, A Portrait

I made this magnetic felt board for Chase around Christmastime. Aside an unresolved issue of how to store the pieces when not in use she enjoys it a lot. She puts together the face, stands back and proclaims, “that’s mommy!” I particularly enjoyed the time she put the hair under my nose instead of on my head that was awesome.

Things have been a little slow around here.  I was knocked totally out of commission by a brutal gi  bug that’s been going around.  I managed to go to work today and am feeling better but was still pretty sure I was going to die as of last night.  

I have no idea why we have two televisions in our office but both of them were on today.  We all watched the inauguration together.  It was so exciting to see.  That is until I had to leave for court but I think I only missed about two minutes while I sprinted from the office to the car.  I can’t imagine standing out there in the cold but I can imagine how wonderful it must feel to really be a part of history.  

It was cold but I don’t think they got any snow in DC yesterday.  They really would have been stymied even with two measly inches.  We got a couple of inches here.  I already posted these pictures on Facebook but I don’t think I’m linked to all of you there.  

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