Thursday, January 29th, 2009

More Quick and Easy with Leftovers

So I’ve been trying really extra hard to be good about planning dinner.  That is in spite of the fact that we ate at Papermoon tonight.  The rest of the week I tried really extra super hard.  So I didn’t plan all the meals at once but I tried to get a handle on it at least the night before.  

First was the soup.  This is like a leftover double whammy because I actually used leftover tomato soup that I froze from last week for the base.  To the tomato base I added some leftover corn that I had served the night before.  I added diced sausages and peppers from the night before that and voila.  Tomato, roasted pepper and corn soup with sausage.  Ben and I both thought it was really yummy plus it used up three different night’s worth of leftovers.  You can’t beat that.  

I learned from Erin that any time you make ground beef or turkey for tacos the recipe should be doubled and frozen.  The result?  A quick supper of taco salad.  It’s delicious because it’s topped with salsa, sour cream and crumbled tortilla chips but it’s not too heavy because I put a solid base of crisp romaine and add a healthy dose of vine ripened tomatoes.  Oh, and cheese, don’t forget the cheese.  I made another serving for myself the next day for lunch and was really happy with how it traveled.  I put all of the components except the toppings and chips in a container, transported the rest separately and then put it together at my desk when I was ready to eat.  It made a great dinner and a satisfying lunch.  *I thought of something else.  I think it’s really important to remove the seeds from the tomatoes.  **I thought of one more thing.  It’s really easy to make your own taco seasoning but if you can’t McCormick’s seems to be the best choice of the supermarket brands.  It has the least additives from my reading of the labels and it’s local company for those in the Baltimore area.

Last but not least the steak and potato hash I put together from the leftovers from a, you guessed it, steak and potatoes dinner.  I cut everything in uniform pieces.  Sauteed some onion, threw in the potatoes and let them get crispy golden brown and delicious.  Then I added the steak to heat through, made a well in the center of the pan and cracked in the eggs.  I know, I shouldn’t post a picture where the eggs aren’t fully cooked through but I didn’t remember to take an after picture.  This one was also a winner.  

So I’m really satisfied with my performance since last weekend.  I managed to get dinner on the table every night and keep the fridge from getting overloaded with leftovers that no one will touch.  All in all I’m chalking it up as a success even if I didn’t sit down and plan everything for the week in advance.  Now if only I can do it again this weekend.  I should start now but I’ll probably take a break tonight.  The Office you know, and start again tomorrow.

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