Saturday, January 31st, 2009

The Goodnight Garland

Your favorite sweet girl or boy should have one.  I once saw fabric garlands on someone’s blog.  I remember thinking wow, those are really nice but what the heck would I do with one?  Then I read this on someone else’s blog but I had already made a tutu for Chase.  Then I bought a whole whack of lavender to make these levender sachets.  Then yesterday I woke up and thought, eureka!  And that’s how the goodnight garland came to be.  

With the exception of a few things I bought today (more on that later).  I used some bits of tulle and ribbon and some buttons that I had around the house.  I used extra wide bias tape for the main support.  I cut a little heart template out of paper and used it to cut the fabric hearts.  I stitched them on the machine, filled them with lavender and then closed them by hand.  I added buttons to them and then hung them using different lengths of pink bias tape.  There are six sachets spaced out along the garland which measures about 36″ long.  They smell heavenly, I can say that much.  Whether or not they help Chase sleep I have no idea.  She’s a pretty good sleeper so there’s not really anything to measure against.  

The rest of the garland is made up of bits of tulle and ribbon that match the overall scheme of her room. I added two strings of buttons suspended on ribbon just to add a little interest.  You can see them over towards the ends on each side.  I also used a little pink gingham and tore the strips cause I thought the frayed edges looked pretty cute.  

Ok, so more on the things I bought today.  I had tulle on hand in about four different colors, but none in pink.  Last week after gym we drove by “A Fabric Place” on the way to IKEA.  I was intrigued but I couldn’t see the store front and there was no time to stop.  BUT, I took Chase to gym today so I stopped there on the way back…. the place is HEAVEN.  It’s everything you could wish for from an independent fabric store down to the old ladies that just die over little baby girls and who don’t care when she runs wild through the bolts of fabric and squeezes under the shelves and squeals at herself in the three-way mirror.  It’s the kind of place where you buy your buttons individually out of boxes lined up along the wall on a shelf.  I can’t believe I didn’t know about this place.  In any event, I picked up some more ribbon and pink tulle and a few buttons just to finish the project up.  I can see this as an every weekend event.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s just so much closer than the nearest JoAnn’s.  She said they’ve been there for 40 years, unbelievable.

Anyway, Chase loves it.  She showed her daddy when we had it up and showed him how to lean in to smell it.  Then she showed him the cat and duck buttons.  I love this project.  I’d love to try one for a boy.  I think it would be just as cute.

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