Sunday, February 8th, 2009

My Date with Alexander Henry

At $9.50 a yard I try to restrain myself but it’s as if the fabric is designed just for me.  It speaks, nay, sings to me when I’m browsing on line.  I bought some yardage of the 2-D Zoo design in green and I love, love, love it.  Not only do I love it but I actually made the new blanket for Chase’s bed in the same week that I received the fabric from Sew, Mama, Sew!  

I don’t love the blanket.  I like it, but it doesn’t blow me away.  The pink, even though I love the texture of it, turns out to be too pink.  It’s fine though and I love the feel and weight of the finished blanket.  I accidentally bought the batting in full size instead of twin so I decided to use a double thickness and I think it makes the blanket deliciously cozy.  I used a nice soft bamboo/cotton blend and I’m really happy with it.  

The project was super simple.  I didn’t do any piecing or quilting I just used safety pins to hold all the layers together, stitched and flipped the whole thing right side out.  I finished the lowed edge with a wide ribbon instead of stitching it closed.  I think it looks great and it was a real no fuss no muss project that I was able to complete in one nap time.  

Things are really coming together.  Now I just need to finish the frieze.  Fine, the mural… geez.  

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