Tuesday, February 10th, 2009


I didn’t actually do any darning but I did do some mending.  A lot of factors are contributing to the wear and tear on Chase’s clothes.  I think it’s partly a result of the fact that over the last year she has leaned out and so she still fits many of the clothes she was wearing at this time last year.  She was already wearing 24 months at one year because she was so, shall we say, robust and she’s still wearing the same size now.  That coupled with her love for running and jumping and just generally having a good time is wearing out the knees of her pants.  

I decided to be proactive and cover up the tiny hole in her levis before it got any worse.  I don’t know how this will play out after a few washes but I’m hopeful that it will hold up.  It can’t make the problem worse.  The pants were done anyway.  I think it’s pretty cute.  

If this works, I’ll definitely try it again.  Why not get a few more miles out of an otherwise perfectly good pair of jeans?  Plus, Chase thinks the patch is cool.  

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