Monday, February 16th, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

We made some last minute valentine’s on Saturday afternoon.  Chase can’t say love so Ben taught her to say I heart mommy which is kind of cute and a little funny too.  

Things have been so busy in general that it was great to have 4 solid days of free time.  I finished reading twilight, got crackalackin on some home organization projects (which are all, of course, only half finished) and did some cooking.  

I was skeptical about Twilight but Chelsea insisted that I read it.  I trust her opinion on books but I think she’s biased when it comes to stories about Vampires.  Our tastes always diverged somewhere between Snoop and Anne Rice.  But she was relentless and since I love discussing what I’ve read with her I took her up on it.  It took me a week to get through and I thought I was over it about 2/3 of the way through but the sexual tension and then the ending kept me going.  I don’t think I’d shell out for the rest of the series but since she’s kindly offered to ship them to me I think I’ll push through.  While I’m waiting for them to arrive I have the prequel to Anne of Green Gables that I borrowed from the library to read.  I hope it’s not just full of sad things that happen to orphan children.  We’ll see.  

Last night we made pizza for dinner using a simple recipe from the BHG cookbook.  The crust was just ok.  It lacked chewiness and flavor as far as I’m concerned.  Ben thinks it was pretty good but that I made the crust too thin and crispy for his liking.  

I also made a huge batch of ‘chex’ mix with all kinds of goodies that I like in it.  And I made a big batch of granola that tastes fantastic using a recipe from Martha’s website originally published in Body + Soul magazine.  

Tomorrow it’s back to work for me but it will be a short week… I think, you never really can tell.  What have you been up to?  Oh, and that patch came out of the wash just fine, yay.

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