Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Sunday :: The Big Reveal

library-34921So, here it is!  A brand new look for me.  I like it, don’t you?  It’s going to take me a while to learn my way around here because Ben updated WordPress too but so far so good.  A big thanks to Rachel Stuart for the hard work and patience.  PLUS, the next tab I add up there will hopefully be for my shop!  I’m really excited about that too and relatively confident that I’m overextending myself but I’ll give it a shot.  

Ok, so it’s Sunday.  What did we do today?   Reflecting back on it, it was a pretty busy day.  It was a pretty busy weekend for that matter.  I took Chase to the ped on Friday for a lingering cough.  He told me that she was wheezing, hooked her up to the nebulizer and sent us home with meds.  I kept her home for the day and she took a loooong nap.  Saturday we didn’t do much but all the worrying I did about her coughing and wheezing took it’s toll.  I will say that I love her pediatrician.  He called me this morning just to check in on her, on a Sunday!  He’s the best.

This morning since she got me up at the crack of dawn we did some organizing, some painting, and more cutting before running our errands.  Actually, this picture is from Saturday.  Today’s target was a bin full of paper ribbon.  She’s just completely obsessed with mastering the scissors but it keeps her way quiet so I’ve been letting her have at it.  They’re safety scissors after all and she seems to have the appropriate level of respect for the tool.  Later I stole away to the library during nap time.  I won’t tell you how much I owed in fines but I took out a brand new fresh stack anyway.  Sometimes I think I’d might as well just buy the dang books.  It’s not like I don’t work across the street from the library or anything, seriously… I don’t know what my problem is.   It rained today but it’s still pretty mild which is great since I see that my cold weather veg are sprouting already!  Ok, now that I’ve dumped my brain here you’re all caught up.  What did yo do this weekend??

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