Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Hump Day

library-32282I made this quick little ‘juice box’ for Chase not too long ago.  I got tired of having to drink ‘milk’ everyday so I made some O.J. so at least now I have some options.  I used the same template I used to make the milk carton but even so the new one came out about half the size and not at all the same.  I could have done a much better job and I still might but it will do for now.

I don’t know, I’ve started to develop a real appreciation for slow projects.  Hand-sewing, knitting, stuff like that.  More than that even I’m able to take my time with things in a way that I could never do before.  Spending a lot of time pinning, basting or marking used to be way down my list of things that are fun to do but lately I take a lot of pleasure in doing things and doing things well.  Which is good news since I’m in the final stages of putting together something cute for Chase to wear this spring.  Seersucker and new white snadals!  I’m pretty close to being done with it so I’m cautiously optimistic that things will keep going smoothly and I’ll be able to see it though to the end without mangling it.

Well, that wasn’t very exciting was it?  It seemed like more a post when I started it.  Nevermind, tomorrow marks the end of my work-week and I’ll have more to write about then.  I actually traded up for a better work assignment tomorrow.  Usually I’m on the receiving end of someone else’s who got to trade up but not this time.  Also, I finished reading the Creative Family recently and it’s sparked some good creative project ideas around here lately.  Ok, now bring on the weekend and some warm weather!

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