Saturday, March 21st, 2009


library-3638I came home from errands this morning with a car full of boxes and crates.  Ben rolled his eyes but unloaded it anyway.  Did I mention that I also had 200 lbs of sand in there?  Mmm, sandbox.  But that’s another story.  It feels good to have gotten this shelf straightened out.  It was a horrible mess and an eyesore for a long time.  I’m hoping that just keeping the stuff contained will help to keep it organized over the long haul.  I find that once the bags start to get shuffled around on the shelf it’s the beginning of the end.  Things only get worse from there.

I don’t know if using the fabric boxes is a smart idea but we’ll see.  They’re mostly filled with dry goods so hopefully they stay as pretty as they are now.  I was going to go to IKEA but we had a visit from Ben’s sister today and so there really wasn’t time for all that.  It’s probably a good thing too since this way I only got the boxes and not a cart full of other stuff that I really didn’t need.  The boxes are unfinished crates from the craft store.  I used my 40% off coupons and got them for 5 bucks a piece.  The fabric boxes were a little more expensive but I like the little pop of color.

We had visitors today and that was a lot of fun.  Ben’s sister and her bf gave Chase a new Hello Kitty radio for her room!  She’s over the moon.  I showed her how to turn on the music which she found thrilling.  We visited the zoo and had a nice dinner out.  Lots of fun.   The zoo has these rides that cost a couple of bucks.  We went on the zoo equivalent of the tea cups ride.  Chase was laughing and screaming and having a blast.  The attendant let me ride with her for free but the truth is I’m a weenie when it comes to rides and I actually really had a lot of fun on it too.  The best part was that our Science Center membership got us in for free.  Bonus.


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