Thursday, March 26th, 2009

The Big Shop Update

library-3664This process is nothing short of grueling and I have been working tirelessly to get the shop up and running.  The process is rather overwhelming and I’ve sort of realized that it’s something that will probably come in stages.  There are so many possible ways to get the shop organized and I think the only way to sort it out at this point is by trial and error.  Of course, any sage advice from you more experienced folk would be much appreciated.  

I have a few hours to myself tomorrow morning so I plan to list a couple more things but for now I’m listing this single item.  It’s another version of the GoodNight Garland that I’m calling… twilight!  If you’ve been paying attention you know why!   I have another spring flowers version in the works that I’ll hopefully get in there tomorrow.  I have lots of ideas for different versions but I’m not sure if that’s the way to go or if it makes more sense to make them to order and customize them for people’s color preferences.  So many questions but it’s so much fun!








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